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live streamer – musician – videographer and big idea guy. 

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I had the distinct pleasure of capturing the emotional moment when 6 individuals heard their voices for […]

Kiss Me

Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer) cover as performed by Jodi Heights. I did all of the audio […]

Flowering Animation

From the amazing creative genius of John Le Studio, I have begun collaborating with John by bringing […]

Insight Recording Session

Recording tracks for hip hop artist Insight. I shot the video and edited the footage using Adobe […]

Background Design

Background designs for an animated promotional video for the GSN Games marketing department.

Background Design

Background design for a wonderfully sweet project to help children understand their life saving medicine and encourage them […]


Sometimes it's best to admire from afar.

Big Bad Boston

Logo design and branding for Big Bad Boston

Home Movies

McGuirk suffering from insomnia, participates in a insomniac study at a university to earn money to buy a DVD player. After seven days, he finally falls asleep and is kicked out of the study, right before he can get the money he needs to buy the DVD player.


Game animation for a NickJr game featuring SpongeBob.


Animation for online game featuring characters from the popular animated series, The Fairly Odd Parents.


An animation cycle combining 3D and 2D. The tricycle was built and animated in 3D, brought into Adobe Animate CC as an image sequence where I then animated a 2D character riding it.

Kill Streak 2015

Another "holiday" animation this year. Thanks to my kids for their "dedication" once again.


Inspired by an actual person I saw on Boylston Street in downtown Boston.

TG Motocross Animations

Some animations I created for GSN Games/ESPN's TG Motocross side scrolling game.

Ape Escape

Several years ago Frederator Studios and Hawaii Film Partners produced Ape Escape in the form of an animated series. I was one of several animators who was asked to help. The series was released in the UK. Here's a scene from an episode I helped animate.

Coffee Pot Animation

Coffee animation created using Adobe Flash for TG Motocross, a game developed by GSN Games for ESPN's X Games.

Hopper Animation Test

Hopper, the matriarch of the popular mobile and desktop game Swipe Hype by GSN Games. These are some preliminary 2D animation tests.

GSN Casino

Front end design for the highly successful GSN Casino mobile app. Designs included the login flow, main dashboard, promo tracker and purchase screens. I also designed some of the games contained within the application. Almost everything was designed using Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop.

Red Head

Having fun with Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Companion 🙂


Scratchboard illustration of a bulldog in a biker jacket

Judith Beheading Holofernes

Pencil study of Judith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio


Pencil study

Cosmic Crunch

Comic strip design for a GSN Games marketing initiative to promote the Cosmic Crunch app.


Copper plate etching

Pyramid Solitaire

Animated start screen for Pyramid Solitaire by GSN Games.

Death Animation

One day, several years ago while working for Acclaim Games in Los Angeles, I was asked to create a "death animation" for an MMORPG we were developing. Here's how I went about doing that.

GSN Bingo

Game design for a mobile version of Bingo for GSN Games

Spine Animation

My initial attempt at learning Spine software

Cash Games Promo

Animated marketing promo for GSN Games

Swipe Hype (Cosmic Crunch)

Hopper needs your help! This adventurous Crunch Cadet boldly crossed the Great Milky Divide but still longs for the ’nilla nebulas back home. His mission? Collect sweet Mallows for rocket fuel…without devouring them all first.


Original song, vocals, and piano/keyboard – Jodi Heights Bass, drums, audio, visual – Chris Georgenes A convenience […]


Jodi Heights - vocals and keyboard Chris Georgenes - drums, bass, audio & visual facebook.com/JodiHeightsMusic twitter.com/JodiHeights instagram.com/jodiheights jodiheights.com

Selfie Shootout

Really fun social game that combines the art of taking selfies and scavenger hunts with friends! The entire game was designed using Adobe Flash and Photoshop and built in Unity.

Echo Cove Photography

Logo design for a fun new company specializing in children and family photography. The client asked for a logo that evoked fun and personable branding.

Mathew McSilly

Character animation test for a private client project.

Sketch (ballpoint pen)

Ballpoint pen sketch (one of my favorite mediums)

Background Illustration

Background design for a marketing project to promote cash game competitions by GSN Games

Bunny Animation Test

Animation test for an independent game featured in the book How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC

Rocker Chick

Interactive character animation for a Facebook game called Rock FREE by Acclaim Games (defunct).


"Grotto" is a character I use for tutorials and as my guinea pig during Flash beta cycles. At one time he lived on my website and slept peacefully until woken up by hovering your cursor over him.

Luci Takes Her Medicine

Big Pink developed the 'Hold my Hand' campaign that featured a character called 'Modi-giraffe' who interacts with 'Luci' to show terminally ill children that taking your medicine will help you 'grow up big and strong'.

Holiday Animation Compilation

A compilation of my animated holiday cards over the years.

Brush animation

Special effect animation for GSN Game's Pyramid Solitaire built using Adobe Flash. This exact animation is a featured example in my book How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CC.


Pushing Pixels
About Me
About Me 

I started life like most humans, covered in placenta and with minimal motor skills. It was not long before I learned how to use both hands and feet as a groove-oriented drummer in a variety of rock bands. Upon standing fully erect, I attended a fine art school and received my B.F.A. Years later someone invented the Internet and then another person invented Flash. Riding on the coat tails of these two individuals, I was able to carve a unique niche for myself using both tools. My self-taught animation experiments were the stepping stones of what has become a regular source of income.



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